esencia || Sinfonietta, 2017 || Digital Parts

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esencia parts cover.jpg

esencia || Sinfonietta, 2017 || Digital Parts


Duration: 8:00

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In Spanish there are two verbs for the English verb “to be”: one being "ser" (to be) and the other "estar" (to be). The difference between the two is the quality of permanence. Estar is a transitory state, an accidental element of being, while ser is permanent. For example, I am (ser) a human being, I am (estar) tired. The Latin word essentia (essence, esencia), is descriptive of the ser verb form, the true nature of anything, not accidental or illusory (Merriam-Webster).

I find myself thinking about this a lot in times of change. Living in another country demands an immense effort for adaptation, in which one of the dangers-and almost unavoidable stage-is the feeling of losing oneself. Being at a distance from all the elements that made me myself: my culture, my family, my mother language. All that made me value the small-things: those moments, places, and people that have now became lucid memories I jealously treasure. And, aren’t we all just memories? Those instants that we chose to keep at the surface, and even the ones that remain hidden deep inside, shape our being, our feelings, and our responses. They become our essence.


Sinfonietta: 16 Players

Piccolo, Flute, Alto Flute
Oboe, English Horn
Clarinet in B flat
Bass Clarinet in B flat
Bassoon, Contrabassoon

Horn in F
Trumpet in C
Bass Trombone

Percussion 1

Snare Drum
2 Tenor Drums
Concert Bass Drum

Percussion 2

Ride with sizzler
Temple Blocks


Violin I
Violin II