Negative Image || Chamber Ensemble, 2016 || Digital Score

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Negative Image Store Cover.jpg

Negative Image || Chamber Ensemble, 2016 || Digital Score


Duration: 6:00

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In this poem, Vilariño describes possibilities that won’t ever be, as a negative image describes light as darkness. Departing from an imaginary perfect future, she retraces her own steps with disappointment and dramatism in the face of a permanent separation. Idea Vilariño (1920-2009) was a Uruguayan poet of the intellectual Generation ‘45. Her poetry has been described as an “intimate experience, intense and distressing.”


Clarinet in B flat

Bass Drum


Electric Guitar



No Longer (1957) – Idea Vilariño

It will no longer be
no longer
we will not live together
I will not raise your son
I will not sew your clothes
I will not have you at night
I will not kiss you before I leave
you will never know who I was
why others loved me.

I will never know
why or how, never
or if it was true
what you said it was
or who you were
or what I was for you
or how it would have been
to live together
to love each other
to wait for each other
to be. 

I am no longer anything else but me
forever and you
will no longer be to me
anything else other than you.
You are not
in a future day anymore
I won’t know where you live
with whom
or if you remember.
You will never hold me 

like you did that night 


I won’t touch you again

I won’t watch you die.